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7 Tips to Survive the LA Heatwave

7 Tips to Survive the LA Heatwave

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Los Angeles has been hit with a heatwave this week, with blistering temperatures over 95 degrees to the 100s on a consistent basis. Over 4000 homes have been left without power, with temperatures spiking into triple digits. California’s mountain ranges have also been issued a red flag warning for forest fires, while a heat advisory for the city is under way. If you’re one those who has lost power, make sure you are taking precautionary measures to keep you and your loved ones safe during the heatwave. Heatstroke can easily cause confusion and make people disoriented, incapable of good judgment. In every case prevention is the best step to take.

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1. Eliminate excess heat sources. This means the oven, desktop computers, laptops, heavy machinery, etc. Anything giving off heat can contribute to rising temperatures inside ones home. Keep the lights off in rooms you’re not using, and make sure you’re using only whats necessary. After all, the excess consumption of power thru air conditioning units is what caused the power outages to begin with.


2. Drink More Water than normal. The recommended serving is eight 8oz glasses a day, but if caught in a heatwave you’re going to be stepping that up. Add electrolyte supplements or consume drinks that contain electrolytes that have been lost due to excess sweating. Do not consume alcohol, excess coffee, or energy drinks (despite them claiming to be full of electrolytes) as these act as diuretics and promote dehydration. Remember, if you’re thirsty, you’re actually already dehydrated.

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3. Recognize heat related illness such as heat rash, heat stroke, heat cramps, and heat exhaustion. These can be serious medical emergencies if left untreated.

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4. Take advantage of Water to keep cool. If you afford it, take cool showers, run through the sprinkler, wet your hair, your forehead, wrists, and neck. These points on the body can keep the rest of your body cool if kept cool. Your body has cooling spots all over which you can apply cold compresses, ice packs, and wet cloths to.

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5. Prepare your home. Keep the windows shaded as to not let sunshine heat up the room. Use Box fans to circulate air and push hot air out of your house. Open up the windows at night and turn the fan around to pull in cooler night air.

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6. Eat lighter meals. Los Angeles, despite being in a heatwave, is an easy place to eat light. With endless options for juice, salads, smoothies, etc. You can get a nutritious and balanced meal without consuming protein rich foods that increase our metabolic heat and overall body temperature.

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7. Take it easy. The last thing you should do is go outside and jog in the heatwave. We can be easily fooled into thinking our excess sweating and heavy breathing is just apart of working out, but during a heatwave, raising your heart rate, body temp, and over all fatigue is a dangerous decision that one should be very wary of. If you’re an exercize fanatic, take it to an indoor location with proper air conditioning or a local pool to swim laps.