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Art Promotes Awareness with Materials & Applications in Silver Lake

Art Promotes Awareness with Materials & Applications in Silver Lake

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We’re totally obsessed with pretty much everything that Materials & Applications does, but this month is different. If you haven’t checked out their current exhibit in Silver Lake you’re totally missing out. Take a break one evening or night this week to check out DOMUS an installation by D.V. Rodgers and team. DOMUS is experimental anti-seismic architecture incorporating spatialized seismic sound and light that challenges our response to and perception of earthquakes.

What:  DOMUS by D.V. Rodgers  – Materials & Applications is an outdoor exhibition space that is visible from the street 24 hours a day. Entry is free but donations are appreciated!

When: Literally 24 hours a day

Where : 1619 Silver Lake Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 9026


an installation by D.V. Rogers and team

On view until Spring 2015

DOMUS is an experiential, anti-seismic architecture installation that challenges our perception and response to earthquakes in Los Angeles. The project is currently exhibiting at Materials & Applications (M&A) in its outdoor exhibition courtyard and is open free of charge to the public from 10am – 10pm every day of the year. DOMUS is constructed from a low-cost open hardware Hexayurt shelter system designed by Vinay Gupta and utilized heavily in Black Rock City during the annual Burning Man Festival. DOMUS is constructed from THERMAX (CI) insulation panels and bi-directional filament tape, a temporary construction technique durable up to 12 months. As with all M&A installations, this two story high extended Hexayurt design was constructed with a team of volunteers.

Suspended in the center of DOMUS is a matrix of undulating lights and sounds that pulse, retreat, tremble, and vibrate in response to two curated seismic databases, creating a stunning visual and aural immersive experience. DOMUS submerges visitors into the sensorial datascape of two historical events: Haiti’s 7.0 earthquake on January 12, 2010 and the 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch on Feburary 21, 2011. The LED chandelier centerpiece suspends from an 18’ tall ceiling as the structural ribs taper into eight points, suggestive of gothic arches. Compositions performed in DOMUS are created by Ryan McGee in collaboration with D.V. Rogers, and use seismic recordings to translate waveform data to the compositional data collected by IRIS Wilbur. Visitors are encouraged to spend a minimum of eight minutes to fully experience the meditative space of immersive sound and light exploring interpretive seismic vibrations.

DOMUS_Stephen_Linsley_01-165x110 DOMUS-Drawings-2013-165x116 emanate