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New construction plans for the L.A. River will cost over $1 Billion

New construction plans for the L.A. River will cost over $1 Billion

By on May 30, 2014 in Local News, Silver Lake News |



Talks about changing the L.A. River to a more acceptable place for fish and other wildlife to live in could become a reality.  Mayor Eric Garcetti has been aggressively talking with Congress about this for some time now. He hopes to gain more support on the idea in making the L.A. River into an actual river again. This 11 mille river idea would not only better the community, but better the economy and the environment.


11 miles is a start, but the bigger picture is to create a 51 mile L.A. River. At first The Army Corps of Engineers fell in love with the idea but only gave the budget $453 million. More ideas were thrown around and approved Mayor Eric Garcetti $1.08 billion idea. How will this get funded you ask? Congress has the ultimate say if the project will get funded but if and when it does, The Army Corps, Department of the Interior and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. State and local sources will help out too.


This big move with be hopefully the one of many big restorations in the state and hopefully, the world. Getting our ecology back on track and making this world a cleaner one. Garcetti’s big push to get the river flowing again not only has residents support but has Presidents Obamas support.  “As I argued in the White House over and over, it’s the right thing for the ecology; it’s the right thing for the economy and for kids growing up being separated from downtown by a concrete flood control channel.”