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What Makes the Best Bars in Silver Lake

What Makes the Best Bars in Silver Lake

By on May 2, 2017 in Silverlake Music |

Whether you are traveling to an area for business or leisure or you live in a particular community, entertainment and nightlife are always going to be a part of your time in an area. There are always plenty of different places that you can go for a drink, good music and get together with good people, but how do you know what the best places are to visit? When it comes to bars, the really great ones always have some characteristics that you can look for that help them to stand out from the rest of the pack. If you want to know what makes up the best bars in Silver Lake, there are some traits you can look for, so you know the best places to go.

The Right Staff

A really good establishment is going to have the perfect staff on hand to make your experience better. It all starts with the right bar staff, and a great bartender can turn a night out anywhere into a spectacular one. A good bartender will be friendly, reliable and provide you with the customized care and attention you want when you go out someplace. You want a staff that is going to engage with you and make you relaxed, but is also going to create a sense of community with everyone in attendance so that it is easy for you to laugh, talk and have a good time.

The Right Atmosphere

The right atmosphere will also help you determine the best bars in Silver Lake. You want to go to a place that is inviting to you and your friends or colleagues and creates the right kind of ambiance where everyone feels comfortable. D├ęcor will also play a role in finding the best place for you, and you want to select an establishment that creates just the right mood for you. Finally, you always want a bar that has a diverse offering of beverages, is well-stocked for its guests and keeps the place clean, from the bar itself to the bathrooms to the back rooms.

Find the Spot for You

So how do you find the best bars in Silver Lake? While everyone may have their own personal choices, if you want to locate some of the top spots in the area, the best place for you to start is at our website, Silverlandia. We can provide you with a unique map that you can use on your computer or smartphone so you can pinpoint locations to stop at when you are in the area. You can find our map at so you can make sure you know just where to go for good drinks and good times.