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Zodiac In Retrograde: The 2nd Opening Reception for our Zodiac show at The Gabba Gallery.

Zodiac In Retrograde: The 2nd Opening Reception for our Zodiac show at The Gabba Gallery.

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“Zodiac in Retrograde”

Artists Reception: Saturday, May 16th, 2015, 12pm – 4 pm

The Gabba Gallery presents Zodiac, an exhibition inviting the viewer to experience a myriad of interpretations of an age-old driving force. Arriving in the 2nd millennia BC, astrology is, arguably, part of the human collective unconscious. In its’ broadest sense, astrology is humanities search for meaning in the sky. The Gabba Gallery has curated its’ almost 2000 sq. ft. gallery, with this search for meaning and what energies drive us. In this exhibit, the coming together of the artists’ exploration is an experience inviting you to discover different interpretations as they give rise to, and touch the viewer’s collective unconscious memories. The curiosity is palatable, to see what artists such as Mike Christy, with his otherworldly painting style, Andrea LaHue aka Random Act, with her layered and nature based paintings and Frank Forte and his love for the cartoon, craft.

“We are so driven by astrology, the stars drive each of us differently. So in this show we are excited to see what moves our artists. There is a lot of passion when it comes to the zodiac. We are harnessing it in art, and couldn’t be more excited.” Jason Ostro, Curator

The artists included in Zodiac were handpicked by curators Ostro and Santos to explore and share their unique visions of this ancient, deep-rooted and sometimes controversial subject of astrology and the zodiac, and are as follows:

Amy Smith, Andrea Lahue, Benedigital, Bleep Bloop, Cody Bayne, Daisuke Okamoto, Daryll Peirce, Espana Garcia, Frank Forte, Gabe Larson, Gianni Arone, Jeremiah Allen Welch, Jessica Ward, Jinx, Joey Rotten, Kate Kelton, Keith Dugas, Kristi Bockrath, Laurene Alvarado, Mary Ancilla Martinez, Mary Hanson, Michele Waterman, Mike Bell, Mike Christy, Moncho1929, Monty Montgomery, Paul Hogue, Michael Pukac, Rene Gagnon, Scott Holloway, Septerhed, Toshee, Vakseen, Valerie Pobjoy, and William Zdan

Zodiac will be on view through May 23rd, 2015. A reception for the artists is on Saturday, May 16th, 12p.m.-4 p.m. and is sponsored by Hubert’s and Perrier.