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Barton G delivers up eye popping menu items and décor

Barton G delivers up eye popping menu items and décor

By on Jun 19, 2014 in Echo Park News, Local News, Los Feliz News, Silver Lake News, Silverlandia |


You say to yourself, I want my drink to smoke; I want a samurai sword while I’m eating my meal, and I want some other crazy things to look at. Welcome to Barton G in Hollywood. Enjoy a night out with some friends and some great conversation while drinking Sabrinatini. This is no ordinary martini first off; this comes complete with a nitro champagne swizzle stick.  Hanging off to the side of your drink is a chocolate monkey! This is every grownups dream right here if you have a heart of a little kid. Combining some 1980’s do it yourself science experiment, booze, and did I mention the chocolate monkey? This is a cool kids drink by far. CAUTION: DO NOT PUT THE SWIZZLE STICK IN YOUR MOUTH.


Now on to some good eats served with a unique twist. This place is great. When you order a meal with a samurai sword; do you get to play with it? This cutting edge samurai tuna feast comes complete with a great meal and a samurai sword. That’s not the only zany meal here. When you order the mouse trap mac and cheese you get an over flowing portion the best mac and cheese served on a plate that looks like….you guessed it, a mouse trap. With a combination with some wacky drinks and meals throw in some radical décor, Barton G is the place to be to leave your troubles at the door and have an epic night out.



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