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LA adds new Bike Buffer Zone

LA adds new Bike Buffer Zone

By on Sep 22, 2014 in At Water Village News, echo park, Echo Park News, General Posts, Local News, Los Feliz News, Silver Lake News |


Los Angeles is getting more bike friendly than ever before. Cyclists are being given a three foot buffer zone legally or drivers could face penalties if seen breaking the law. Over the last few years road rage incidents, and bike to car accidents have risen, despite the 200 miles of new bike lanes painted in. Road rage is no foreign concept to any angelino, as many police reports, sometimes upwards in the thousands, involve some element of road rage, reckless driving, and overall carelessness behind the wheel.

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The new law involves a $120 fine for crossing that buffer zone and endangering cyclists. In 2012 more than 150 cyclists lost there lives in auto related accidents, prompting further action state wide. Localized action took place beginning with the “every lane is a bike lane” slogan. The new law is already in effect and will enforced strictly. Automobile Commuters and cyclists must learn even more to share the road as bicycles are considered vehicles with the same rights, rules, and regulations as a normal car.